It Starts Today

I've gotten lazy. I could blame an international move, visiting relatives, having a two year old, but in reality I just stopped working on my work. I stopped always having a project with me even if I didn't touch it. I left my needlework at home because it was just one more thing to carry. I've lost my focus.

Goal: Work on art every day and post on it.

Reason: I can't keep finding more and more things to distract me. There will always be one more novel or 15 more minutes of lurking on Facebook. I'm giving myself the mental slap and get back to creating. I'm back in the states again. There is so much to do.

My first works upon getting back in the game were supposed to be for a collaborative show proposal with the lovely Maria Rose Wimmer. We just aren't ready. But it will happen and it will be GLORIOUS! They are the jumping off point for a giant fiber sculpture imitating ikebana. Let's see how it goes.