509 MUNS Mural

Every base that my husband and I are stationed at we try to do a community based art project. When we moved to Whiteman AFB, I started looking around for an opportunity to create a project for Ian's squadron. At the time, he was working in the squadron building and I was really disenchanted with all the pictures of B2s and mushroom clouds. Don't get me wrong, B2s are pretty awesome but the Munitions career field has very little to do with planes. We wanted to create a mural that showcased the equipment and ordinance that 509 MUNS works with.

Mural Complete.jpg

It was important to me that all the airmen would help paint the mural no matter their painting experience. We designed the mural like a paint by number with large patches of solid color. We also included a signature block where airmen and their family members could sign the wall after they have helped us paint. The mural is 6 feet tall by 20 feet long and takes up the longest wall in the squadron building's conference room. It look us nearly a year to complete the project. This was a really rewarding experience for me because I met so many airmen and spouses as well as learning a ton about what my husband does.